Weighing pallet truck HS-8000/E

Weighing pallet scale totally autonomous and with weight indicator. Economic version.

Transpaleta HS-8000/E
Transpaleta HS-8000/E

This weighing pallet truck is totally autonomous with weight digital indication.  HS 8000/E pallet truck scale meets all the mechanical and electronic necessaries qualities to be able to work in any type of field: food, pharmaceutical, logistic, etc.

Our pallet truck scales allow to have an accurate weight when handling the load, without being necessary to move the load to a distant scale.  They enable to save time and space.

This type of weighing pallet truck permits the possibility to handle all sort of standard pallets.

Maximum capacity: 2 t.

Technical characteristics of the weighing pallet truck HS-8000/E.

  • Capacities up to 2.000 Kg.
  • Subdivisions 1 Kg. (consult other subdivisions).
  • 4 compression steel nikel load cells.
  • 2 solid rubber rudders.


  • Load/TARE indicator. 
  • Waterproff keypad with 5 function buttons.
  • IP-54
  • Red LED with 26 mm digits of height. 
  • Automatic disconnection.
  • Power supply through network adaptor.
  • Internal rechargeable battery 6 Vdc.
  • Accuracy  +/- 0,1 %.


  • Printer.
  • Stainless steel.


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