Hook block with motorized rotation

Designed for lifting and accurate positioning of loads without manual intervention

Hook block with motorized rotation
Hook block with motorized rotation

Hook blocks/ snatch blocks with motorized rotation for lifting and having accurate positioning of type of loads without manual intervention. Usually, on standard overload cranes the rotation is done manually by the operator, but in many situations, were precision and safety is needed, the use of a hook block with motorized rotation it becomes a must. Security: The operator chooses the most convenient and safe position and itinerary without getting close to the load avoiding this way accidents when these operations are made. 

We design motorized hook blocks as per our customer's needs.

  • Weight incorporation.
  • Ungear for free hook rotation.
  • Limitation of rotation angle.
  • Rotation's block.
  • Double hook or anchor. 
  • Hook block with 4 pulleys for heavy duty work.

Produced according to FEM normative.


  • Extremely narrow construction and very little width.
  • Rotation of loading hook through moto-reducer.
  • High quality sheaves with bearings mounted on a robust protection case.
  • Plug-in box for the keypad cable 
  • Simple hook according to DIN-15401.
  • Construction for any work group.


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