Grabs for plates

Lifting plate sheets systems.

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Grabs for plates
Grabs for plates

Our sheet lifters integrate horizontal shifting and motorized rotation. Designed specially for handling steel sheets, they can optional features such as incoporation  telescopic arms for handling bigger lenghts of stack sheets. 

Another optional feature is to command our sheet plate lifters with the crane's remote control. Our projects are done made-to-order according our customer's suggestions.  Our sheet lifters are produced according FEM Ed 1987-54 (class A7 M8) normatives equivalent to DIN H3/B5.  This is the most secure transportation system for stack's steel sheets handling since from one side it optimizes work and for the other side security. 

Our grab also has frequency variators, PLC and a communication system that allows to our after sales department (via GSM) to adjust remotely parameters in minor incidents. Motorman incorporates in all sheet lifters a security system designed with load detection sensors to avoid the arms opening . They also have light signs to indicate the status of the load. 




Technical characteristics

  • Capacity and dimensions tailor made to fulfill client's requirements.
  • Safety sensors for detecting the load and avoid wrong opening of the arms.
  • Opening through motor-reductor and chain.
  • Power supply 380V III
  • Manufactured under norms FEM Ed 1987-54 (clase A7 M8) equivalent to DIN H3/B5.

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