Twistlocks VGM

Gross mass verified (VGM) for containers


Check the gross weight of your containers with our VGM twistlocks specially designed to meet the requirement to verify the gross weight of the containers stowed on a ship as stipulated in the SOLAS agreement.

Integrating our VGM twistlock weighing system for containers in the spreaders will obtain the weight received by the twistlocks through the load cells. An easy and precise system: each sensor measures the load of the twistlock and sends the information to the sender-receiver box. Also, our weighing system sends this information to a display with PC or PLC output so that the operator can verify the container's load and issue the certificate.

The load cells of our Twislocks VGW weighing verification system have an accuracy of 3000e (divisions),OIML capacities from 5 to 25 tons. Likewise, Twislocks VGM are designed to fit the existing spreaders used to lift containers.

Technical characteristics of our weighing system:

Twislocks VGM:
- Easy installation without calibration.
- Accuracy of 3000e, (OIML).
- Comply with the 6: 1 safety factor according to ISO.

- Wireless connection with the receiver-receiver box (for long distances).
- Touch screen with special software for verification of gross weight.
- Individual weight monitoring of each load cell.
- Indication of overload or off-center load alerts.

Digital traction load cell:
- Designed to replace the existing twistlock pieces with mechanically compatible load cells to obtain the weight of the containers.
- Capacities: 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 tons. Standard version 15 tons.
- System calibrated from the factory.
- Certified load break at 105 tons.
- Standard communication protocol MODBUS RTU (RS485).
- Optional communication: 4-20 mA.
- Voltage: 8 ÷ 27 V.
- Electric consumption: 35 mA.
- Insulation resistance: <5000 MΩ.
- Humidity protection: IP 68.

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