Clip for bar support

Loading and unloading train track sleepers' system.

: Grabs
Clip for bar support
Clip for bar support

Tongs for handling train track sleepers with horizontal displacement and optional motorized rotation. Specially designed for manipulating train track sleepers. 

Optionally, our grabs for handling train track sleepers can be operated through the radio control of the portal structure itself. Made-to-order projects are carried out, taking into account our customers’ suggestions. Our tongs for handling train tracks sleepers are built in accordance with Standards FEM Ed 1987-54 (class A7 M8) equivalent to DIN H3/B5.




Technical characteristics of clips for bar support

  • Capacities: consult
  • Type of control: electromechanical.
  • Voltage supply: 380 v. III
  • Voltage control: 48 V.
  • Opening speed 6 m.p.m.
  • Engine power: 0,75 Kw.
  • Built in accordance with standards FEM Ed 1987-54(class A7M8)
  • Yellow paint

Arms motorization system

Clip motorization, through motor-reducer set with internal assembled clutch, involving:

  • Axis: steel 39 Ni.Cr.Mo3
  • UNI 6403-86 with ring gear of cemented and tempering steel, quality 18 Ni.Cr.Mo.5
  • UNI 8788-85-, assembled on bearings.

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